February 22, 2017

Jamie Holmquist


Two years ago Jaime Holmquist received a diagnosis for fibromyalgia after battling many months of debilitating pain that put her out of work, house-bound, and weight spiking to 270lbs. Read Jaime’s inspiring and incredible story of how her family, friends, and relocation landed her at CrossFit Hixson where her total transformation in body, mind, and spirit have taken place.

A former high school softball player, Jaime was active as a teenager and throughout college. However, already in the “overweight” category, she see-sawed with activity level, portion control, and weight gain/loss throughout high school as well as her college years.

Several years later, after college graduation and joining the working world in California, Jaime found herself back on the plus side of her weight battle. Then in August 2015, she found herself bedridden with excruciating, chronic pain throughout her entire body, at times literally frozen and unable to move. Realizing quickly that this was a very serious condition, Jaime left California for Michigan, where she could not only be surrounded by family who could care for her, but recieved a diagnosis and treatment for what she has – fibromyalgia. By the time Jaime and her doctor finally found the dosage of meds that worked for her, and got her sleep schedule regulated, she spiked to her all-time high weight of 269.8 pounds. It was time to take control of her life back, and that Jaime did.

A new job landed Jaime in Chattanooga. Her best friend had been doing CrossFit since 2012 and Jaime was curious about it but had heard mixed reviews and tales of injury so never gave it a try. With the goal in mind of losing 100 pounds, and trying to meet people in her new city, Jaime took the suggestion of a friend and co-worker who is a member at CrossFit Hixson. She reached out to owner/coach, Amber Reeves, who encouraged Jaime to try a class. So she did, and what Jaime remembers most about the class was how welcoming and friendly everyone was, plus the bucket of sweat she left behind! Jaime left full of hope thinking that she might have found something life-changing.

Almost a year later and 45 pounds lighter, the path Jaime’s life has taken since walking through CrossFit Hixson’s doors has been a testament that hard work, the will to succeed, and positively break through life’s barriers and make us people we once thought impossible. The community that Jaime discovered at CFH became her family away from family – embracing and supporting her with encouragement, pushing her beyond what she thought were her limits, and always a fist-bump or high five at the end of the day. “There are people in that gym that I can definitely say have shaped who I am today. I love my coaches. Stoney, Lauren, and Luke are on my rotation and they never fail me. I can’t say enough as someone who didn’t know anyone in this town prior to starting at CFH, how big of an impact the fellow athletes and community have had on my success.”

Not long after Jaime joined, CFH hosted the annual “Murph” WOD on Memorial Day. Instead of the mile run on the front and finish of the workout, it was a 1000m row, push-ups were modified, and pull ups were ring rows. Eight months later, Jaime repeated “Murph” and RAN both of the miles, did full plank push-ups, and jumping pull-ups! Her box jumps are now on a 20” box instead of a 12”, and she continues to hit PR’s on her lifts time after time.

Just as CFH has had an impact on Jaime’s life, Jamie has also had an impact at CFH. She is an inspiration to athletes and coaches alike – never failing to encourage those around her. It’s always rewarding seeing athletes achieve – and break – goals they set for themselves.

“Everything is impossible until you show the world that it’s not.”
–Author Unknown

Go Jaime!

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