October 2, 2016

Heather Hatfield

Athlete/strong woman, Heather Hatfield, has successfully kept off an extra 20 pounds the last three years by adopting healthier eating habits, and the constantly varied, functional, and high intensity training workouts that are CrossFit’s prescription.


Heather’s busy schedule as a wife, mom of two young children, and a volunteer keeps her days booked with plenty of activities, and limited time to spend at a gym. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to Heather, and the reason she is able to manage a busy schedule. CrossFit Hixson’s variety of class times has given her the opportunity to fit in her daily WOD by offering a class at 5am with other busy professionals, parents, etc. that need that early workout to start their days as well. 5am opens the box, 7:45pm closes the box, and there are many class options and times in between.


Pre-CrossFit Hixson, Heather’s workouts and diet were on a rollercoaster, with her biggest challenge being consistency. She would see results from a period of exercise and cleaning up her eating habits only to let the pounds, plus some, creep back on once she became comfortable with reaching her latest goal. After a family beach trip one summer, Heather felt she had spent the time hiding under a swimsuit cover and not didn’t have the energy to enjoy that valuable time with her children. She made up her mind on the trip home that was the last time she was going to feel that way and set out to make a permanent, positive change in her life, body, and mind.

A friend and neighbor who was also a CrossFit Hixson member encouraged Heather to give CrossFit Hixson a try. She thought what the heck, it’s something new and different from her other efforts in the past – why not?! One visit was all it took – Heather was hooked! The support from the community of athletes from all walks of life, the encouragement and knowledge from the coaches, and the continued strength and endurance Heather has gained at CFH has kept her coming back week after week, month after month for several years now.

Heather says one of her most memorable moments at CFH was during the 2016 CrossFit Open – the 16.2 WOD was an especially difficult challenge for her, “I’ll never forget everyone cheering me on and all the encouragement as I struggled through the squat cleans. It was extremely emotional realizing how much they cared and it gave me the drive to push myself like I have never done before.” “It’s one of the reasons I get up and go workout at 5am!”

Heather also appreciates the variety of classes and class times offered at CFH. There’s yoga, boot-camp (non-barbell), kids, and teens classes offered daily. Heather’s oldest child, 6-yr old Caroline, also attends the kids’ classes, “It’s so exciting to hear about the WODs they do, and the new movements that she learns.” Caroline scored unassisted pull-ups this summer! At CrossFit Hixson, mom and daughter, Heather and Caroline, like many other families in the box, all have attainable goals the coaches help them work toward each time they come through the door.

Coaching at CFH doesn’t stop after on-ramp, and like Heather, our athletes appreciate the continued coaching from the smallest adjustment in a lift, to the bear hug after completing a challenging “hero” or benchmark WOD, or finally getting that first unassisted pull-up.

Here’s a little word from Heather herself:

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