February 22, 2017

Erika Ennis

Over a year ago, Erika Ennis was 50 pounds heavier…finding the right place for her and her now-husband, Dave, to work out together has changed all of that.  A “globo gym” was not the answer…read on and find out what motivated Erika to shed the pounds!

Like the rest of us, Erika has a busy life managing the café at a local Barnes & Noble.  She is also an avid runner and competes in road races which requires training time.  Yet she still manages to make it to the box for WODs that have become a beneficial cross-training tool for running, as well as keep Erika on track with a cleaner, healthier diet.

Active all through high school, over the years, Erika admits she just got lazy and let life and excuses take over her desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  After discussing with her then fiancé, Dave, who is a T6 paraplegic (he has no feeling from his sternum down), they decided to reach out to CrossFit Hixson because they wanted to be able to work out together.  Owner/coach, Amber Reeves, agreed to meet with Erika and Dave to discuss options.  After their initial meeting, Erika knew she was in the right hands.

When Erika started at CFH, she had been sedentary so just getting started was a challenge.  She found that her body didn’t move like it had years ago when she was active.  But no one seemed to worry about that – all that the coaches were focused on was getting her moving safely again, AND have fun while doing it.  “Each of the coaches have their own unique way of challenging and pushing you,” says Erika, and is one of the many reasons she enjoys CFH so much.

Quiet and reserved initially, and not exactly sure what to expect, Erika quickly discovered that CFH athletes were much like her and Dave – everyday people who also just wanted to be healthier, do something fun, different and yet challenging, and something that pushed them to be better than they were before coming through the door.  The WODs were tough, yet modified if needed, and Erika was always able to finish no matter how much she thought there was no way she could.

The CrossFit Hixson community and family are one of the big reasons Erika and Dave enjoy coming in as well – they have both made lifetime friendships that go outside the box.  Working with a community of coaches and athletes that encourage you daily to raise the bar on your performance is something no other gym offers.  Plus, the variety of classes and times offered has given Erika more options with her busy schedule.

The hard work for a little over a year has paid off…Erika continues to lose weight, comes to the box as many days a week as possible, discovered a love for yoga – which CFH offers – and began running and training for road races.  She just completed her first 8K at the Philadelphia Marathon!  CFH is honored to be part of Erika’s inspiring journey of discovering the strong woman she has always been.

Erika’s favorite quote is, “with pain comes strength”.  Not the kind of pain that equals injury, the kind of pain that is deep in your gut because you don’t want to pick up the bar again, or do one more burpee, yet something deep inside (plus the coach calling you out just when you thought he wasn’t looking) pushes you to keep going and at the end, you’ve once again amazed yourself with what you just did.

erika1 erika2

Erika’s journey is just one of the many at CrossFit Hixson.  Each of us, from athletes to coaches, has a story that is unique and infectious…motivation instead of “Kool-Aid” is what we offer at CrossFit Hixson.  We tap into the potential already inside our athletes, then “coach” each individual to reach their potential…which rises daily.

Experience the transformation for yourself! Contact us for more information, and a free drop-in class at 423/987-2223. You can also get more information by visiting us on the web at www.crossfithixson.com, or look us up and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.