August 29, 2016

Brad Lumley



Brad Lumley torched 3.8% of body fat in just five months with challenging and awesome classes among a community of welcoming and friendly athletes. Read on for the rest of the story.

Brad is a married father with two beautiful children. His schedule is busy with work in IT at CIGNA and family life, however, after losing 100 pounds in the last three years, he knew the importance of making time to keep up his weekly workout schedule. Plus, the community he has discovered at CFH keeps the workout part if his day anything but boring – “the box” is not a typical gym or health club.

Brad had never been much a fitness enthusiast, but knew he needed to make some changes. His weight loss journey started when he began running. However, as much as he enjoyed running and the results it produced, he was becoming bored and realized he needed to tighten up all of the weight he had lost – something that involved building muscle and/or lean body mass. His wife Kaylie, who was his running partner, also wanted to try something different. Both did a little research and decided to try CrossFit.

The welcoming atmosphere the Lumley’s received when they visited CrossFit Hixson, as well as the variety of training, and the functional movement they experienced made their decision to join an easy one. With the measurable benchmarks CrossFit uses, Brad was pleased he would be able to continue tracking his progress on his fitness journey.

Even though Brad was excited about adding a strength component to his running program with CrossFit Hixson, he was still a bit apprehensive during the first few on-ramp classes. Then one day everything just clicked and the apprehension was gone. Since then, it’s rare that the Lumley’s miss a day unless it’s a recovery day.

Brad is one of those athletes that is always supportive of everyone and everything going on in our box. We have all watched him become stronger, more efficient in his movements and lifts, and we hear the PR bell whenever Brad is in the house! He says that from the entire coaching staff, “push your knees out”, has become a mantra on lifting days. Of course, all athletes and coaches alike have heard the famous, “no rep” from Coach Amber, and Brad says he is no exception.

CrossFit Hixson has become that place to Brad and his family that is not only where they go to “get their fitness on”, but is where they meet and hang out among friends. It’s the place where Brad and his fellow athletes have looked at the WOD (workout of the day) and said to themselves, “What?! Are they crazy?!”, and yet over and over, when the clock stops, again Brad has amazed himself at what his mind and body have just completed. Then there are the pats on the back, fist bumps, high fives, etc. that reinforce “I did it!”

Like Brad, our athletes at CrossFit Hixson come to us from different backgrounds, ages, weights, fitness levels, and different fitness goals in mind. CrossFit Hixson is a family-oriented box, with programs for kids and teens as well. There’s something for everyone here, and Brad, Kaylie and their kids quickly fit right in with our community atmosphere. Being surrounded by like-minded athletes who are sweating, working to their hardest level, cheering you on, and you cheering them on is incredibly motivating. Not only at CrossFit Hixson, but internationally CrossFit is changing lives…it’s about choosing a healthier, better lifestyle that has been tested, proven successful, and just makes sense.

And now, a word from Brad:

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