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So you made it here to our page, and now you are asking "How do I do CrossFit?"

Start with some light reading

Well, first we HIGHLY recommend that you read all about CrossFit, starting with CrossFit: getting started.  If you are still interested in digging deeper into CrossFit and what makes it the best exercise lifestyle on earth, then start reading the CrossFit FAQ.

Then, join our On-Ramp Class

Once you have satisfied your curiosity it's time to "put the rubber to the road", and we at CrossFit Hixson will make it easy for you. As a new member of CrossFit Hixson, we invite and require all new CrossFitters to attend the CrossFit On-Ramp program. CrossFit is a very intense workout regimen that can be very demanding and taxing to the body, and the results an individual can get from the program are nothing short of astounding when administered properly. Because our bodies adapt to stress over time, it's important to introduce these functional movements gradually and increase the intensity and loads over time so as to maximize the benefit of the work and minimize the recovery time. This is the goal of the On-Ramp program. In the On-Ramp program, new CrossFitters will get an introduction to CrossFit's functional movements, and the trainers will have an opportunity to assess each individual's current level of fitness. Movements will be scaled with progressions designed to safely bring each athlete into the group. During each session athletes will work on specific skill development and then execute a scaled workout utilizing new movements. If you are interested in trying CrossFit but are intimidated by it, this class if for you.  If you have never been much of a person to work out, but need to start somewhere, this class is for you. All skills are broken down into progressions that ANYONE can do, even Grandma! On-Ramp participants are only allowed to attend the On-Ramp classes until they complete the program to the satisfaction of the trainer/coach.  After completion of the course the athlete is then invited and encouraged to join in with the regular CrossFit WOD classes.


Are you visiting Chattanooga for business/pleasure? Are you a CrossFit Athlete from another box? We LOVE to meet and work out with CrossFitters from other places and allow drop-ins for a nominal $15 fee. Buy a CFH shirt or a pair of CFH Atlas Power Wraps and the WOD is on us! If you would like to drop-in, we ask that you first contact Coach Amber. Unfortunately, unannounced drop-ins will have to be turned away.

What do I need to bring?

Not much.  Come dressed appropriately for physical exercise.  Expect to sweat.  A lot. Bring a water bottle, and a positive, enthusiastic attitude!

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