Policy and Procedures

CrossFit Kids Hixson



Attendance is the key to progress.

The athletes must come to class on time.  Everyone should come at least 5 minutes early so that they may go to the bathroom, clean up, get changed, and be ready for class.  Kids will not be allowed to join if they are late.  Because of the fast nature of the class activities and the performance of athletic exercises, it is crucial they come on time so that they are not lost during the class and can participate in the warm up and stretching

Viewing classes

We are happy to have parents sit in on classes.  We welcome cheering and encouragement during games, drills, etc.  However, to promote a consistent learning environment we do ask parents to refrain from correcting their child during class.

Also, additional children are not permitted in the gym area during class.  There are too many pieces of equipment to cause injury without proper supervision. In addition, this is a distraction to the children in the class.   You do not have to be present for your child to participate in the CrossFit Hixson Kids program, but please be prompt in picking up and dropping of your child.

Pick up and Drop off

For the safety of your child, we ask that you come inside the CrossFit Hixson training center to pick up and drop off your child after class.  We are aware that this might be an inconvenience, but we are more concerned with safety.  With the high volume traffic and with classes ending late in the evening we will not allow students to wait outside by themselves. 

Dress code/Equipment

Athletes are responsible for coming to class in proper gym attire, including shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. Please also provide clothing that can be worn outside either for the cold or warm weather.  Athletes will not be allowed to participate in class if they are missing all or part of their gym attire. A water bottle is only equipment a student needs to participate in CFHK!


It is documented that children are more attentive, focused and critical thinkers up to 20 minutes following vigorous activity. As a result the last 15 minutes of each CFK class we will do homework. If your child doesn’t have any or bring any then they can do handouts I will have on hand in the box.


Membership is done for the month, not based on number of classes; some months will have 8 sessions some will have 9. If your child misses class the session is not made up the following month as fees are based on monthly membership.

Extended Absence and Termination

If you will be missing class for an extended period of time due to vacations or other reasons, please make sure to let Amber know. You will not receive a refund for missed classes or allowed a make up.


A positive attitude is a must for both kids and parents. CFK is all about teaching children to have fun moving their bodies and begin physically active. If you child has a difficult time during class please allow the coach to address the situation and deal with it accordingly.