Athlete of the Month
November 1, 2017

November 2017 Coach’s Spotlight


Meet Your Coaches

Who are these awesome people?

Everyday you sign into class and spend 60 well-fought minutes with some pretty terrific people. Ever wonder who they really are? Where are they from? And how did they get to be so awesome?

I thought it’d be cool to tell you a little bit about the coaches that you sweat with every day. They truly care about you and about the skills that they teach you each day. They push you, they praise you and they make you better than yesterday. Enjoy getting to know them better… This month we are featuring our newest two coaches at CrossFit Hixson.  And they happen to be a married couple!

Meet Ellie and Mike Mitcham

What led you to CrossFit and CFH?

Mike – I tried Crossfit several years ago and only lasted a month… I wasn’t fed up enough yet and didn’t have the motivation to make a change. Back in Thanksgiving of ’16 I hit my heaviest ever, 280 lbs and really got to see how it was holding me back when we went to a trampoline park and I only lasted 5 minutes before I was gassed. My younger brother who has been doing Crossfit for years had a blast the whole time. That was the day I decided to do something. I’m an all or nothing kind of person. I knew Crossfit worked, so I googled the closest box and got hooked up with Amber as soon as I got back home.

Ellie:  I love to play sports and I’ve been on adult leagues of ultimate frisbee and soccer since we met. A few months after Mike started he couldn’t stop talking about it. He wanted me to meet everyone and understand what he was doing and asked several times for me to join. I put it off thinking the kids weren’t ready but he asked again and I finally got how important it was to him for us to do this together. It was a sacrifice to give up my sports, but it’s been so great for our relationship and our family and now I see Crossfit as my sport.

What is your favorite WOD?

Mike: I like the long ones the best. I’ve learned that I am built to row. I think Weston has been my favorite so far.

Ellie: It’s not the WOD as much as the gains. I love it when I do a workout and see improvement. See myself push it in ways I didn’t think I could. I hate running, but I loved the running WOD we did about a month ago when we timed the last of 4 800’s. I saw something I didn’t know was there. I love that.

What are your CrossFit Goals?

Mike: The first day I walked in I saw Stoney about to rip the rig out of the wall doing Muscle-Ups. He’s a big guy and I decided I wanted to do that. Overall though, I just want to get healthier and I am looking forward to helping others do the same!

Ellie: When I started it just was to enjoy working out and to have a common interest and friends with Mike. Now it has grown to conquer the challenges I see before me. Getting double unders, hand stands, pull ups… you name it.

What impact has CrossFit had on your life?

Mike: My life is very different than it was. I’m 40lbs down, I look forward to working out. I enjoy being active with my kids, I am much more disciplined in general. My wife and kids have joined be at the gym, and now I am going to spend time coaching. Definitely not what I expected, but like I said I am usually an all or nothing kind of guy!

Ellie: I’ve realized that I’m stronger, tougher, and have more to offer than I realized. I love coaching kids and seeing my own kids grow in confidence, strength, and teamwork.  And I love the friends I’ve gained this year. The atmosphere at CFH is encouraging, challenging, and fun, and I love being a part of it!