Athlete of the Month
May 1, 2017

May 2017 Athlete of the Month

The Athlete of the Month for May 2017 is:

Morgan Howard!


What led me to CrossFit and CFH?

My first experience with Crossfit Hixson was a few years back with the family Christmas workout in the Sports Barn.  My dad talked about Crossfit *all* the time and so my siblings and I decided to go see what the fuss was all about.  For the Christmas workout, we did the 12 days of Christmas and we had a blast! It was fun pushing ourselves and encouraging each other as a family, as well as meeting the other athletes.  We returned the next two years to do the Christmas workout again.  When I graduated college and decided to come home for a year, I realized that Crossfit would be a great way for me to get back in shape and stay active.  I knew from the family workouts that I liked the environment and the people so I signed up for On Ramp and haven’t looked back.


What is my favorite WOD?

My favorite WODs are the Saturday WODs.  I enjoy the partner style workouts as it is always a fun time challenging my dad and pushing each other to do better.  The people at CFH are what make it so much more than just another gym to me, so being able to see everyone during the Saturday WOD working out together is a highlight of my week.  The benchmark WODs are also very important because they bring out my competitive side to move faster/lift more than I could before and push myself to the limit.


What are my goals?

When I first was looking to join a gym, my original goal was just to work on getting rid of the college weight gain.  However, as time has progressed at CFH, I have expanded my goals.  Now, I am working on finding the right balance of working out and food to be strong and fit.  I also have new motivation, after the start of ROMWOD and Tammy’s yoga classes, to improve my stretching and stay flexible.  In terms of specific aspirations, I am practicing stringing double unders together as well as progressing with my pull-up/push-up.


How has CrossFit impacted my life?

CrossFit has impacted me much more than I thought it would.  My family used to mock my dad due to his incessant comments about CFH, but now I am probably worse than him.  In terms of physical fitness, CrossFit has done exactly what I was looking for it to do at first: build my strength and endurance and help me lose weight.  But, it has also done more than just that.  Working out with the 5AM fam ensures that I start my days off happy and motivated.  Although getting up at 430 isn’t always the easiest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.   The friends that I have made at CFH are some of the sweetest people and they have made this fitness journey such an exciting adventure.