Athlete of the Month
June 3, 2017

June 2017 Athlete of the Month

The Athlete of the Month for June 2017 is:

David Barto!


What led me to CrossFit?

Being able to do a pushup and pullup was, I think, one of those things my father was absolutely going to pass down to his children.  I remember us doing pullup competitions in the basement and him saying, “do as many as you can and then I’ll do one more”.  At the time I hated it and of course now as an older gentlemen myself I see the wisdom of knowing how many you have to do to beat some youngster.  At five I just thought what, common Dad, you go first.  Naturally I got pretty good at pullups which was good because we couldn’t lose to the Lewis family at our yearly pullup pushup competitions at Christmas.  We even had a 25 ft rope in the backyard which must be climbed without the aid of legs lest you be deemed forever a wuss. I’ve been active ever since.  So these type of workout disciplines kind of guided me toward wrestling and pole vaulting.  Push pull baby.  Don’t get me wrong I loved all sports.  My sweet mother took me tirelessly to baseball, football, tennis, and cross country as well.  For the sake of my mother’s sanity, time and cost of gas we had to dial it in a bit for high school.  In College I kept staying active playing intramural sports.  Not working out so much but loving the competition.  In Dental school I transitioned into the whole Beach body workout scene.  You know.  You don’t need a gym, just a DVD player, some space and some weights.  P90X I II and III, Insanity, and Beast.  And I did them all, just ask my lovingly patient wife.  BURNOUT.  Got a little tired of working out at 10:00 at night, but I did.  Can’t do morning before work garbage.  Bless all you AM badasses.  I’m a mess prior to sunlight.  Then my sweet wife introduced me to CrossFit about five years ago.  Instant new best friend.  Loved it.  First workout I couldn’t even finish.  You know something like snatches, burpees and then go run for fun.  Sweating with labored breath, I knew that this was definitely my thing.  All those pullups, pushups and rope climbs are paying off Dad.

What is my favorite WOD?

CINDY baby.  Push pull squat repeat.  Just embrace the suck and breath through it. Definitely my wheelhouse.

What are my CrossFit goals?

I would like to build more strength in my dynamic lifts.  Snatch and Clean.  Ofcourse that means getting better at front and back squats.  Urghh.  Not my favorite lifts.  Keep those knees out David.  That also means I got to eat better, someone keeps reminding me.  I’m getting there coach.

How has CrossFit impacted my life?

Life impact is huge.  The overall quality of life aside, the quality of people you get to hang with is the real treasure.  I’m not just talking about the coaches (who rock), but all the fellow athletes as well.  Maybe I still got those rose colored glasses on, but I have yet to meat anyone I dislike, even mildly.  Except maybe Trainor.  Joking of course.  He’s quality.  He’s the one who introduced me to CrossFit Hixson. Look it, I’m a guy who loves working out and you’ll never have to force me to run jump or pull, but on days when I’m feeling a little off, I’m still coming in if I can get there on time-ish.  The reason is because I’m looking forward to the people I get to spend a few minutes of my day with bustin our butts together.  We workout individually so to speak, but in a shared space with shared goals together helping each other along.  Such a cool thing.  When I walk or run through the door I’m looking forward to seeing who else is there.  To the coaches, thank you.  I’m a bit intellectually challenged thinking I can do more than I should and I greatly appreciate the occasional nudge I need to not be stupid.  That aside the attention to detail and the knowledge each coach brings to a workout with technique tips and WOD strategy and the constant encouragement is priceless.  The positive environment y’all have created is amazing.  You want to come back again and again just to be part of such a place.  I love God, I love my family, I love my friends, and I think I love CrossFit.