Athlete of the Month
April 1, 2017

April 2017 Athlete of the Month

The Athlete of the Month for April 2017 is:

Chris Trainor!


What led you to CrossFit and CFH?
I met Jason and Amber in 2013 because my company was building  them a home.  I had some friends who enjoyed Cross Fit and I was interested but I had never experienced it.   Jason and Amber challenged me to give it a try.  Jason looked at me from across the closing table and said, “Do you even lift BRO?”  I think they were shocked when I actually showed up on the following early Monday morning for my first AmRamp class.  I have loved it since and the rest is history.


What is your favorite WOD?
I don’t think I have a favorite WOD.  I do prefer the WOD’s that are “chippers”.  I think that is what you call them.  Even after three years I still do not have my CrossFit vernacular down.  I like it when there is some heavy weight and cardiovascular involved.  I like CrossFit because it challenges every athlete to be faster, stronger, and work on your endurance.  There is no hiding from something you do not like once you enter the “Box”.  I try to hide from snatches and overhead squats but they always seem to find me.  I do like the filthy 50 and “Helen” WODS too.


What are your goals?
My original goal was to slim down and work on my love handles.  I have been somewhat successful at trimming down but I really need to commit to a better diet if I want to lose the handles all together.  The beer and pizza usually find me too.  I love CrossFit but I can’t say I have the same affection or discipline to try a Paleo diet.


How has CrossFit impacted your life?
CFH has been of great impact for me on a physical and mental level.  I certainly have gotten fit, stronger and thanks to Tammy’s insistence on YOGA stretches I have become more flexible.  I still need to work on my flexibility.  CrossFit and CFH has probably benefitted me even more on the mental side of things.  I have made great friends at the BOX and it provides a huge stress relief for me.  My wife can definitely tell when I have not worked out for several days and I become a grumpy old man. Although I enjoy a fine glass of red wine and I consider myself a cultured and open-minded man, I am a meathead at heart.   The Box is the only place I know, that not only allows, throwing around heavy weight, spitting, sweating, and swearing, but encourages it.  Jason and Amber have created and developed a special place for folks to get fit, be healthy, and meet different people.  I am thankful I met them and I appreciate their labor of love.  Amber loves saying “no rep”’ but you can tell that she and Jason truly take a great interest in all the athletes in the gym.  Their hard-work and genuine personality is what sets the CGH apart from other gyms.