If you would like more information on Crossfit, here’s a page of links that we think are useful:

CrossFit Fundamentals:

The CrossFit Journal

If you’re completely new to CrossFit this article is the perfect place to start learning about what we do.

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Have you ever asked yourself “what is fitness anyway?”

Here’s your answer.

Kelly Starret’s Mobility WOD

This is a must-visit site for all of your achy, tired muscles and joints.

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CrossFit Community/Media:

Nutrition Links

These are sites that we frequent for information on Nutrition as well as AWESOME Paleo friendly recipes:


One of the best Paleo food blogs on the web.

Nom Nom Paleo

This site has a FANTASTIC iOS all to go with it containing all of their fantastic recipes.

Paleo Nick

Nick Massie is a well regarded CrossFitter and professional Chef. His recipes are amazing!

Here’s what CrossFit says about Nutrition:

Zonm Diet Meal Plans – This is a great starting point for straightening out your nasty diet!

Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat

The Foundation is Nutrition

What Should We Eat – and Why?