What’s a WOD?

Workout of the Day. A new daily workout is posted and performed for each class. The warm-up/skill development will translate to the work required for the WOD.

What is CrossFit?

Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement….that means always something different in the workout, work really really hard at a skill that you do/use everyday. For example, a workout will have squats, this is the same movement you do to get in your car, on the toilet, in a chair so lets work on this so when your 90 you can still get off the toilet by yourself.

Can anyone do this?  Is CrossFit safe? It looks really intimidating.

YES, CrossFit is for any and everybody.  Every movement is scalable for all ability levels. Being safe is what we will teach you at CFH. You would never give your kids the keys to the car before teaching them how to drive. The same can be said about performing functional movements. Everybody’s needs are the same they just differ by degree, there is room for everyone at every level.

What about kids, can kids participate?

Yes, we can train athletes of any age to become stronger, faster and more powerful with many of the same movements that adults perform. If you are interested in this please contact Coach Amber for more specific information.

I’ve read your website now what do I do….

If you have never done CrossFit you need to begin by taking an On Ramp class. This class teaches you the terms, movements and expectations for each skill you will see during a WOD. If you have done CrossFit before but are new to CFH contact Amber so we can determine your ability to safely and effectively tackle the WOD.

But I AM a CrossFitter, and I’m in town visiting!

Awesome! We would love to have you drop in for a WOD. We have a modest drop in fee of $15 per WOD, and we require every visitor to complete and sign a release wavier. Alternatively, if you but a CFH T-shirt or sweatshirt we will waive the WOD drop-in fee. Here’s the fine print: We don’t know you and we don’t know your abilities. You may be a fire breather, or you may be a newbie, or, like most of us, you’re somewhere in between. Because of the many variables that make a CrossFitter, we ask that you please contact Amber or Jason via phone or email BEFORE you stop in for a WOD, so we will know what to expect from you and you will know what to expect from us. We want your experience to be as awesome as it is for our members.

Click on the Contact tab at the top menu for the page to contact Amber.